Police Scotland Entrance Test (PSET)

Of all the uniformed services, the police service is the most popular. It attracts the most applications and has the choice of the highest calibre applicants. It goes without saying that competition will be fierce and entrance requirements will be stringent. Anyone who goes into the recruitment process less than fully prepared for the entrance exam can expect to be rejected very quickly.

Success in the police recruitment process requires much more than a pass in the written test. The process starts with the quality and presentation of the application form: how much attention to detail (with exact dates and information) has the candidate presented? If the application form is not up to standard, you may not even be invited to sit the PSET.

Once you have submitted a successful application form, you should then start full preparations for any other part of the process. You might not get much notice for the written test and you need to be ready for a fitness test to follow immediately after.

The new test contains elements of language, number and information handling questions in one test paper lasting one hour. Calculators are not allowed.